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Tragically Low OWCP Claims Acceptance Rates for Federal Employees

Over 1 million Federal Employees work for the USPS and the VA, each of which have extremely low OWCP injury claim acceptance rates. We attend meetings every month with rooms full of these federal employees, and when asked for a show of hands as to who is injured or knows someone who is, more than 70% of the room raises their hands.

Look at the picture below taken partially from OSHA.gov’s federal injury and illness statistics. 6.67% of USPS employees and 2.2% of VA employees had accepted OWCP injury claims (in 2017). As you can see, total cases excludes cases that were denied because the person didn’t work for the federal government (so shouldn’t be counted anyways), wasn’t able to prove that an injury actually occurred, couldn’t prove the injury happened while at work, and couldn’t show that the injury was because of work. In other words, BAD DOCTORS’ NARRATIVES ARE CAUSING DENIED CASES.

Why did I say that bad doctors’ narratives are causing denied claims? Because reports should clearly explain these points so the case never gets denied. It’s not enough to fill out and submit your CA1 or CA2 forms. It’s not enough that your supervisors may not dispute your injury. Going to the company doctor and sadly to the VA doctor when you’re injured is almost never good enough. YOU MUST GO TO A DOCTOR WHO IS TRAINED AND COMPETENT IN OWCP.

True Story: I just talked to a lady on the phone who initially chose a doctor who I guarantee will cause her OWCP injury claim to be denied. I never try to get people to leave their doctors. Your doctor is your choice – period. After I explained what was going to almost certainly happen to her, she wanted to go ahead and stick it out. No problem. Call me after Department of Labor has mailed out your denial letter. How can I be so sure the case will be denied? Look again at the picture above: less than 6% of those employees will have an accepted claim. 94% will not until there is a better understanding of what to do and what doctor to go to after an OWCP work injury.

Greater than 97% of Federal Injury Center patients have ACCEPTED OWCP injury claims

We have made it our business to teach federal employees what to do when they’re injured at work. That education is a huge reason the OWCP injury claim acceptance rate will go up in the future. However, while you have the right to choose whatever doctor you want for a federal work injury, the wrong choice will lead to a denied claim. So, choose carefully.

We’re helping to educate injured federal employees all over the country. However, in some places, our doctors can actually help get your OWCP workers comp injury claims accepted so you can get help without paying money out of your own pocket and without using your own sick and vacation time.

If you live in the following areas, we have doctors to help you:

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