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Scheduled Award Doctors

We know you need doctors who are trained to help with your schedule award impairment ratings. Federal Injury Centers doctors are getting trained to help you with 6th edition impairment ratings. This page lists all Federal Injury Centers offices who are trained to do impairment ratings, but before listing them, let’s revisit the steps required for you to become eligible for a Schedule Award in OWCP.

  1. Your OWCP injury claim must be approved for you to be eligible for a Schedule Award.
  2. Your approved diagnosis must be one that qualifies for Schedule Awards. For example, injuries to the spine are not eligible for Awards unless you also have radiating symptoms into your limbs.
  3. You should follow your doctors orders and do everything possible to get better and back to full duty status.
  4. Once you’re as good as you can be, your doctor will make the medical decision to place you at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). This is strictly a medical decision made by your OWCP Doctor.
  5. When your OWCP doctor places you at MMI, he/she will need to perform an impairment rating based on the AMA 6th edition guide to permanent impairment. Doctors who use the 5th edition guides will cause your schedule award to be denied. Only the 6th edition is allowed.
  6. Your doctor should produce an impairment rating report that you will attach to a CA-7 Claim for Compensation. Select letter D, “Schedule Award” and turn that into OWCP.
  7. Your claims examiner will then evaluate your claim and make a decision, which you will receive in writing. Note: if your schedule award is denied, you will receive a letter explaining the reasons for the denial. Your doctor should read this letter and respond in writing to attempt to overturn the decision to deny.

Federal Injury Centers doctors who are trained to perform 6th edition impairment ratings so you can receive your OWCP schedule award benefits are listed below.

Schedule Award Doctor in Pinellas Park, FL
Pinellas Park 6250 Park Blvd N Pinellas Park, FL 33781 (727) 541-2520

Schedule Award Doctor in Forest Park, GA and Phenix City, AL
Forest Park 541 Forest Pkwy Suite 14 Forest Park, GA 30297 (877) 495-7773
Phenix City 3700 S Railroad St Suite D Phenix City, AL 36867 (334) 298-7700

Schedule Award Doctor in Gilbert, AZ
Gilbert 2451 E Baseline Rd #100 Gilbert, AZ 85234 (480) 304-5152

Schedule Award Doctor in Ocala, FL
Ocala 3256 S pine Ave Suite 301 Ocala, FL 34471 (352) 369-6325

If you need a federal injury treatment doctor for your OWCP work injury, please call a Federal Injury Centers doctor. Our OWCP treatment doctors are trained to get your OWCP injury claims approved, help with your OWCP forms and payments, and treatment to get you better and back to work full duty.

Our list of OWCP Schedule Award doctors will continue to grow. Check back periodically for an updated list of OWCP Schedule Award doctors.