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OWCP Workers’​ Comp: We’re Just Going to Have to Trust Each Other

Way too many bad, shady, illegal things have happened in OWCP federal workers compensation. I’ve been involved in federal workers comp for more than a decade, but it wasn’t until I went to Florida in the past year that I realized that some very bad people came before me that left a terrible mark on the industry.

There was a guy in Tampa that was “referring” patients to doctors for a percentage of the collections. What??? Everybody knows this is illegal. But it was happening. Referring injured workers to a doctor in exchange for money from those patients is terrible. That guy didn’t care about the injured worker. He only cared about his money. HE WENT TO JAIL!

Another group took advantage of the system and billed for things in a way that can only be referred to as “abusive”. To this group, the injured worker was a dollar sign. Greed! THOSE GUYS WENT TO JAIL!

Federal Injury Centers does not profit from connecting injured federal workers with good, qualified doctors.

I’m constantly telling people about my passion for helping injured federal employees. I’ve heard all of the horror stories. I know all about supervisors who tell injured workers to go to company doctors who tell them that 100% of the injuries ARE NOT WORK-RELATED. I know all about injured federal workers having to go to their primary care doctor and pay all this money out of their pocket. That’s not fair! I know all about the injured federal workers who can’t get their injury claims accepted. That’s unacceptable! Just look at the annual federal work injury statistics produced by the federal government. They claim that just 3.15% (give or take) of all federal employees have work injury claims. But this doesn’t take into account all of the people who can’t find a doctor who knows how to handle an OWCP claim. Of course, that little detail is in the footnotes of the page. But it’s real! Injured federal workers don’t have nearly enough good, qualified, caring doctors that know OWCP.

Injured federal workers don’t have nearly enough good, qualified, caring doctors that know OWCP.

So, my company teaches doctors to help injured federal employees. WE TEACH DOCTORS. Doctors don’t pay us to get patients for them. We are not patient-brokers. We’re not the doctors’ marketers. We just love federal employees.

Federal Injury Centers LOVES Federal Employees!

My company’s mission is to spread OWCP across the nation. We have charged ourselves with teaching doctors in every area of the county to help injured federal employees. We’re angered by how the system has taken advantage of our federal workers. If you’re a federal employee, you should be furious when you can’t find a doctor who understands how to help you. YOU SHOULD BE FURIOUS!

And now guess what? We find ourselves having to prove ourselves to non-supervisors within the federal agencies that we are out there trying to help. Thanks to the shady, illegal nonsense that came before us, we’ve been painted with that ugly brush. We’re compared to all those people who landed themselves in jail. Weekly, we have to answer the question, “Are you associated with those people?” NO!!!!! We don’t break the law. Quite literally, chapter 1 in our manual is “Compliance”. We will never break the law. Offer me money and see what happens. You’ll be keeping it. Offer me dinner. Watch what happens. I’ll buy my own and so will you. Doctors aren’t even a problem for us. They can’t pay us enough to break the law and end up in jail.

Federal Injury Centers has the cleanest, most-compliant system for helping injured federal employees in the United States. Nobody compares. Nobody.
So, we’re all just going to need to extend each other a little trust. When you (union leaders and other federal agency leaders) decide to tell your members / employees about the doctors that I’ve trained, you’re going to have to trust that nothing shady is going to happen. WE JUST WANT TO HELP. We have the exact same goals as union leaders: WE JUST WANT TO HELP. Our mission is to HELP injured federal employees. We are paid to teach doctors to do this, not to get patients to the doctors. Federal employees need to be educated on their rights and responsibilities. Federal Injury Centers does this. WE DO IT FOR FREE ALL THE TIME! My company loves federal employees. We also respect the law. And, we have a very important message that we live by, and it’s this:

Our federal employees make this country go. When they break, we have to fix them.

Please let us help you. We love you. The doctors we have trained have learned to be experts in your federal workers comp system. Stop paying copays and deductibles. Stop using your own sick and vacation time. NEVER, EVER, EVER give up you federal benefits ever again. These are your rights as a federal employee. Federal Injury Centers is here to help you. We’re here because you’re here, and you’re getting hurt.

If you were injured doing your job for a federal agency, I want to help you. You can contact me here and I’ll help you to understand what you have to do to take care of yourself.

Be careful out there.