"Helping Federal Workers Get their Claims Accepted And Return To Work As Soon As Possible"

OWCP Injury Claims Accepted in Denton, Frisco, McKinney, Dallas, TX

Federal Injury Centers in Denton, Frisco, McKinney, and Dallas, TX SPECIALIZES IN GETTING OWCP INJURY CLAIMS ACCEPTED. We know exactly what DOL needs in order to make a decision of approval for your claims.

When DOL denies OWCP claims because of the work of other untrained doctors, we know how to respond to the denial letter so that the OWCP claim will be ultimately approved. Untrained doctors simply aren’t able to do the sort of detailed work required.

DENIED OWCP injury claims lead to the following LOST BENEFITS:

  • Having to pay money out of pocket for medical care.
  • Lost time from having to use sick and vacation time.
  • Not being able to be reimbursed for travel expenses.
  • Not being eligible for a schedule award impairment rating.

Once your OWCP injury claim is APPROVED by DOL:

  1. You can be paid back for any money you paid for treatment of your work injury.
  2. You can get all of the sick and vacation time back that you used after you were injured.
  3. You can go back and be reimbursed for mileage related to your work injury.
  4. You can be eligible for a schedule award which is money in your pocket.
  5. You can be paid to go to therapy or get other medical care just like you would at work.

Many doctors don’t want to help federal employees with OWCP. Many doctors value money more than patients. Many doctors think that OWCP is too much trouble. Many doctors cut corners and get injury claims denied. FEDERAL INJURY CENTERS WILL GET YOUR OWCP INJURY CLAIM APPROVED. Federal employees make this country go. When they break we have to fix them. That starts with getting the injury claim accepted. You want yours accepted so you don’t lose your benefits. So, Please call us today and let us help you. Texas offices are located in Denton, Frisco, McKinney, and Dallas.