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OWCP Forms

CA1 - Notice of Traumatic Injury

CA2 - Notice of Occupational Disease

CA2a - Notice of Recurrence

CA7 - Claim for Compensation

CA7a - Time Analysis Form

CA7b - Leave Buy Back

CA10 - What a Federal Employee Should Do When Injured at Work

CA17 - Duty Status Report

CA20 - Attending Physicians Report

CA35 - Evidence Required in Support of Claim for Occupational Disease

OWCP 5a - Work Capacity Evaluation

OWCP 5b - Work Capacity Evaluation

OWCP 5c - Work Capacity Evaluation

OWCP 915 - Claim for Medical Reimbursement

OWCP 957A - Medical Travel Refund Request

OWCP 957B - Medical Travel Refund Request

CA-1122 - Short Form 3rd Party Recovery

CA-1108 - Long Form Recovery for 3rd Party Injuries

FECA sf1199a - Direct Deposit Form
PS Form 3971 - (USPS Only)