"Stop Denied OWCP Claims"

OWCP Federal Work Injury Doctors in Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama has an OWCP work injury Doctor. Dr. John Porter, DO has been trained in OWCP. His expert causation reports get OWCP injury claims accepted. Prior to Dr. Porter, Montgomery had no doctors who understood OWCP and who could get OWCP work comp claims approved by the Department of Labor.

Nationwide, only 3% of all federal employees have OWCP work injury claims that are approved by DOL. We are changing that. Federal Injury Centers has a claims acceptance rate of greater than 97%. If you’re injured working for a federal agency in Montgomery, Alabama call Federal Injury Centers for expert OWCP assistance. We help all agencies and assist all federal unions with federal OWCP injury claims. Mail Handlers, Letter Carriers, Rural Carriers, Clerks, VA Employees with AFGE, TSA employees, and all other federal employees with federal unions: we want to help you. NO MORE DENIED OWCP INJURY CLAIMS.