"Stop Denied OWCP Claims"

OWCP Doctor Birmingham

Over this past weekend, we’ve been visiting with letter carriers, mail handlers, mail clerks, and VA employees in Birmingham, Alabama. The one problem that stood out the most is that they previously did not have an OWCP injury doctor in Birmingham. We heard too many problems that people have had to go through due to not having any OWCP injury doctors: denied OWCP injury claims, injuries that have not healed, paying too much money to get help, and more. WE HAVE TO PUT A STOP TO THIS.

So, now Birmingham has an OWCP federal workers compensation doctor. We are located just outside Birmingham, in Bessemer, Alabama. This office is comprised of a MD, Chiropractor, and a Nurse Practitioner who are excited to help injured federal workers. They understand the problems federal employees go through when they’re hurt at work for federal agencies and they’re with us. They’re going to help us stop those problems from happening.

So, here’s a notice to all Federal Employees in the Birmingham, Alabama area: No more denied OWCP work injury claims. No more paying money out of your pocket to get help. No more doctors that don’t care what happens to you. This is the end to the troubles and hassles associated with having an OWCP work injury in Birmingham, Alabama. Call Federal Injury Centers of Birmingham, Alabama. We care about you and we want to help you. Pass the word on.