"Helping Federal Workers Get their Claims Accepted And Return To Work As Soon As Possible"

No More Denied OWCP Claims

We have traveled around the country attending union meetings such as the NALC, NRLCA, and AFGE teaching federal employees what to do when they get hurt at work. Nationwide, federal employees are under-informed about their rights and responsibilities for when they are injured working. As a result, only 3.2% of all federal employees have injury cases that were accepted by DOL.

When we speak in front of unions, we always ask for a show of hands of those who have been injured or know someone who has. 70% of the room (or more) always raises their hands. 70% raise their hands, but just 3% have approved OWCP cases. We’re proud to report that accepted OWCP cases at Federal Injury Centers is closer to 100%. We have a motto that we use when we’re training our doctors and case managers:


We pride ourselves on getting cases accepted.

Denied OWCP Claims

OWCP claims usually get denied because patients can’t find doctors who are trained in OWCP. So, they’re forced to go to their primary care doctors who don’t know how to get claims accepted. Like many other Doctors who specialize in DOL federal workers comp according to federal guidelines, they write very bad causation reports. Bad reports = denied cases. These bad reports don’t clearly and concretely link the injury to the job and they usually use diagnoses that DOL simply will never approve.

When cases get denied, most doctors refuse to go any further in helping the injured worker. They’re not getting paid. So, they want nothing to do with the OWCP case. But guess what? When that doctor fails to get the case accepted, it means that the patient isn’t getting paid either, and even worse, the patient is paying money out of their own pocket and using up their own sick and vacation time.

Denied cases have terrible consequences for injured workers. So, it’s important for every person who knows about Federal Injury Centers: patients, staff, unions, etc to get the word out.

NO MORE DENIED OWCP CLAIMS. Tell your co-workers about us and let us continue to help get your injury claims accepted so you can get treatment, get better, and get back to work.