"Helping Federal Workers Get their Claims Accepted And Return To Work As Soon As Possible"

Our Story

A Passion For Treating Injured Feds

FEDERAL INJURY CENTERS was formed after the owners traveled the country talking to federal employees and learning about all of the problems federal employees encounter when getting hurt on the job. Many federal workers are treated poorly by their supervisors. Some injured workers are being forced to go to the company doctor who doesn't have the employee's best interest at heart. Injured Federal Workers across the country are losing their benefits due to not knowing their rights and not being able to find qualified doctors who know how to help them.

DOL OWCP Experts

Experts in Treating DOL-OWCP Injury Claims

A common theme that we heard nationwide was that people just couldn’t find a doctor who understood OWCP workers comp. Instead, they were going to their family doctors or chiropractors and using their own personal health insurance, paying copays, deductibles, coinsurances and having their treatment cut off by their private insurance carriers. They were having to use their sick and vacation time when needing time off due to their injury and they weren’t able to become eligible for a schedule award. They were losing all of their earned benefits due to not having doctors who accepted and understood OWCP workers comp.

Every year, the federal government publishes its annual federal work injury statistics which states that just over 3% of all federal employees suffered work injuries or illnesses. At the bottom of the page, it states that the data does not include claims that were not accepted.

Claims are not accepted for the following reasons:
  • Can’t find a doctor who will accept DOL-OWCP.
  • Can’t find a doctor who understands causation and can write reports getting claims accepted.
  • Employees’ misunderstanding of their rights under the Department of Labor Office of Workers Comp Programs (DOL/OWCP).
  • Supervisors not providing the help they are required to provide to employees who are injured on the job.
  • Employees fear of being fired if they file a work injury claim (following all of the rules prevents any such thing from happening).

FEDERAL INJURY CENTERS has a very specific mandate to rid the nation of these problems. We want injured workers to have even greater access to good doctors who know how to help them and who know how to get their injury claims accepted. We are going to educate the federal workforce about their rights under OWCP and dispel the falsity that filing a work injury claim will get you fired from your job.

Our doctors and staff also work with your union leadership to make sure that the supervisors understand their responsibilities as laid out by the Department of Labor. FIC wants all injured federal workers to be treated fairly. We ensure that all treatment is medically indicated, all rules and laws are followed, and all patients are treated with respect and dignity. Our federal workforce deserves the highest level of care and FEDERAL INJURY CENTERS is committed to delivering this to each and every patient we serve.