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OWCP Injury Doctor in San Antonio, TX
Dr. Bryan Woywood

San Antonio, TX

Dr. Bryan Woywood and his team of OWCP injury specialists is located in San Antonio, TX at the northwest corner of the city, near Live Oak, TX, right off of I-35. He and his OWCP medical team specialize in getting San Antonio OWCP injury claims approved so you can get better and back to work as soon as possible. In addition to getting claims approved, the federal treatment office in San Antonio, TX can also help you fill out your special forms for reimbursement of time and money and will protect your job by filling out CA-17’s when you need work restrictions or need to be out of work.

Dr. Woywood is a skilled musician who played in college and as a paid performer in Jazz and other genres of music. His other hobbies include model railroading, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and restoring cars.

Dr. Woywood is a trained workers comp doctor with over a decade of experience in Texas workers comp cases. If you work for any federal agency in San Antonio, including civilian employees on military facilities, VA hospital employees, Customs and Border Patrol agents, TSA agents, USPS employees, and all other employees at all federal agencies, you can trust the team of San Antonio OWCP doctors with Federal Injury Centers of San Antonio, TX. The OWCP injury treatment facility in San Antonio is fully equipped to help you with any OWCP work injury.

The office is located conveniently at 12702 Toepperwein Rd. Suite 142 San Antonio , TX 78233, and they can be reached by calling (210)-244-3249.

McKinney & Bedford, TX

OWCP Injury Doctor in Texas
Dr. Sumit Katyal

Dr. Sumit Katyal, MD is a fellowship-trained, triple board-certified interventional pain medicine specialist. As if that isn’t enough, he was trained at the Cleveland Clinic, which is ranked among the 3 top hospitals in the US by US News and World Report.

Dr. Katyal is board certified in anesthesiology. He is trained in minimially invasive treatment for spine pain and sciatica and interventional pain procedures for patients suffering from chronic headaches and neck pain, among other conditions. He has a strong passion for treating shoulder, hip, and knee disorders resulting from OWCP federal workers comp injuries as well. Postal employees in particular live daily with these problems and Dr. Katyal is passionate about helping them achieve maximum results from approved OWCP injury claims and with high-level federal injury treatment.

Dr. Katyal understands what federal employees go through when they’re injured working for their federal agency. His goal is to get his federal patients better and back to work full duty so they can make it to retirement. Federal employees often suffer with shoulder, neck, hip, and knee disorders resulting from their required job duties. Dr. Katyal understands this and knows how to help his patients not only feel better, but get better and back to work.

In his free time, Dr. Katyal enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. He’s trained in muay thai kickboxing and enjoys exercising, meditation, and yoga.

OWCP Injury Doctor in Texas
Gloria Gonzalez, NP

Gloria Gonzales is a bilingual Advanced Practice Family Nurse Practitioner bringing over twenty years of experience to both Unity Wellness Clinic & Rehab in McKinney, TX and United Federal Treatment Centers in Bedford, TX. She is committed to providing compassionate personalized OWCP care and to exhaust all appropriate non-surgical OWCP federal injury treatment options available, and her goal is to restore patient’s quality of life at home and work, including to get injured federal employees back to work full duty as soon as medically possible.

Gloria is specially trained to assist Dr. Katyal in getting OWCP injury claims approved in McKinney and Bedford, TX. Her OWCP training makes her uniquely qualified to link causation from a federal work injury to the federal job. That’s how she and Dr. Katyal get OWCP injury claims approved at such a high rate – a far higher rate than the rest of the nation. Injured federal employees in the North Texas area will be well served by letting Gloria and Dr. Katyal get your OWCP federal work injury claims approved.

Gloria lives in McKinney TX, with her spouse Lupe. She has 2 children and six grandchildren. In her free time, she enjoy traveling, hiking the mountains, kayaking, snow skiing and most of all spending time with family. She received her Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees from West Texas A&M University and her Associates Degree in Nursing from Amarillo College.