"Helping Federal Workers Get their Claims Accepted And Return To Work As Soon As Possible"


Cleveland, OH

OWCP in Ohio
Dr. James O’Reilly

Dr. James O’Reilly is the Director of Broadway Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, in Cleveland, Ohio. He and his medical team are now a part of Federal Injury Centers. As Cleveland’s top doctors who specializes in DOL federal workers comp according to federal guidelines, the team at Federal Injury Centers of Cleveland can help you with all of your OWCP workers compensation needs, from getting your case organized on day 1, to getting your OWCP injury claim approved, to getting you better and back to work as soon as possible.

When people get injured at work, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. My mission is to help patients regain their health and enjoy their lives. A work injury can quickly complicate your life. Not only will the injury limit your physical abilities, but the added stress and financial consequences can be overwhelming. Dr. O’Reilly will work to restore your physical health and also make sure the other aspects of your work injury are taken care of. My educational background includes a Doctorate degree in Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. Outside of the office, I donate my time to building projects in the community and outside of the country.

The federal injury treatment available in the Cleveland OWCP practice includes physical therapy, chiropractic, and medical services, along with massage therapy and acupuncture. Any federal employees who have suffered OWCP work injuries to the neck, low back, shoulder, knee or any other musculoskeletal injury sustained while working as a federal employee can call the Cleveland doctors at Broadway Orthopedic and Sports Medicine.

The doctors who specialize in DOL federal workers comp according to federal guidelines in Cleveland, OH are located at 6829 Broadway Ave. Cleveland, OH 44105 and can be reached by calling (216) 577-5792.