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North Carolina

OWCP  in Charlotte, NC
Dr. Logan Evans, DC

Dr. Logan Evans, DC specializes in the treatment of federal OWCP work injuries in Charlotte, North Carolina. His primary area of focus is on functional medicine designed to help injured federal employees recover from musculoskeletal federal workers comp injuries and return to work full duty. He holds specialized certifications in electrodiagnostic studies that help diagnose injury conditions that other doctors might miss.

Dr. Evans is an outdoorsman who loves spending time with his wife and daughters and as a native West Virginian, he’s a huge college football fan.

OWCP  in Charlotte, NC
Dr. Peter Cox, DC
1996 U.S. Olympic Athlete
Dynamic Health Carolina

Just like so many federal employees who have suffered OWCP work injuries, I’ve injured my back several times over the years as a result of heavy training in fencing. 3 herniated disks later, including a ruptured disk, and it looked like my fencing career was over. However, as a result of Chiropractic care, I had an incredible recovery and was able to train and compete 7 days a week for the next 4 years, and I eventually became the number one fencer in the U.S., and the highest ranking member of the 1996 U.S. Olympic Fencing Team.

Now, as a Chiropractor and the leader of a large, multi-disciplinary team of Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Massage Therapists, and other Chiropractors, we are making massive strides in getting OWCP injury claims approved in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina. As an athlete, patient, and doctor, I’ve worked hard to solve back problems and I have coined the term for the missing piece for many injuries, which is “ligament remodeling”. Our team of OWCP specialists at Dynamic Health Carolinas uses the highest technology available to help Charlotte injured federal employees with OWCP workers comp injuries, and we specifically address ligament remodeling demands in the process of getting your Charlotte OWCP injury claims approved. The more OWCP treatment options we can provide, the greater the odds we can get you better and back to work full duty for your federal agency.

Just like so many of you who were injured working for your federal agency, I will always have the spine and body I was given, but we have so many options now to help you with your injuries. At Dynamic Health Carolinas, we use only the best equipment and techniques to get you back to work full duty after an OWCP work injury. I want you to live your best life. So, you will receive all I can offer. We value your health and place your needs as the highest priority in our OWCP injury practice.

An OWCP workers comp injury can be life-altering. We are here to ensure that your OWCP injury claim gets approved, you get better, and you get back to the job of making this country go. If you or someone you know was injured working for a federal agency, tell them there’s help. Don’t let them wish they would have heard about us sooner. We want to help every federal employee get their OWCP injury claim approved. The OWCP system should not be worse than the injury itself. Call today if you need help with an OWCP work injury claim in and around Charlotte, NC.

The Charlotte federal injury treatment facility at Dynamic Health Carolinas is a fantastic 14,000 square foot office with a full therapy gym for functional exercises and activities designed for strengthening so you can return-to-work faster. Additionally, they treat federal work injuries with a variety of advance techniques including in-house digital x-ray, fluoroscopic guided knee and shoulder injections, and other advance pain-relieving techniques. In addition to getting your OWCP injury claims approved and receiving all of your federal work injury benefits as a result, injured federal employees have access to the most cutting-edge treatments designed to get you better and back to work.

The medical team working with federal OWCP work injuries consists of the Medical Doctor, Dr. James Patton, MD, who is a Neurologist, and Nurse Practitioners Alisa Walker and Danielle Crum.

Dr. James Patton, DC

Dr. James Patton, MD

Danielle Crum, NP

Danielle Crum, NP

Together, the Federal Injury Centers of Charlotte medical team is trained and committed to writing excellent narrative reports so your OWCP injury claims are approved and you receive all of your federal workers comp benefits. These extremely detailed narrative reports will get injury claims approved for injured federal employees from the USPS, VA Hospital, TSA, and all other federal employees from all federal agencies. If you’re a federal employee in and around Charlotte, North Carolina, call the federal injury doctors from Federal Injury Centers of Charlotte if you’ve suffered an OWCP work injury.

Their Charlotte OWCP Injury Clinic is located at:

4705 South Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28217
(704) 525-6288