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Quincy, Massachusetts

Dr. Jay Provenzano is the owner of the Quincy, MA Federal Injury Center. His federal treatment center is staffed with an MD, Chiropractor, and PT. The treatment facility in Quincy, Massachusetts is a 1st class office fully equipped with exercise equipment necessary to help you get stronger and back to work at your federal agency.

Dr. Jay is Federal Injury Center’s longest standing doctor. As a result, he is very well trained in FIC’s system of getting OWCP injury claims accepted by DOL. He’s been involved in the accepted claims for hundreds of injured federal employees over the years.

Norwood, Massachusetts

OWCP Injury Doctor in Massachusetts
Dr. Robert E. McLaughlin, MA
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Robert E. McLaughlin II, MD is Norwood, MA’s newest federal injury treatment doctor at Federal Injury Centers of Norwood, Massachusetts. He specializes in OWCP work injuries requiring both conservative federal injury treatment and orthopedic surgeries to help injured federal employees finally get better and back to work full duty. Dr. McLaughlin is a board certified, orthopedic surgeon treating all types of orthopedic issues and conditions. He has a special interest in treating shoulder injuries and has received multiple accolades over the years. Top Doc Boston has recognized him as a top orthopedic surgeon in the Boston area. Best Doctors has named him as one of their exceptional surgeons in taking care of injured workers. Boston area Injured federal employees with OWCP injuries can count on Dr. McLaughlin to do what it takes to get you better after and OWCP federal workers comp injury.

Robert E. McLaughlin II, MD was born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia. He attended The University Virginia as an Echols Scholar and graduated with academic distinction in 1992, having spent his junior year in Valencia, Spain. After graduation he returned to Spain, spending a year in Barcelona teaching English. Returning to The University of Virginia for medical school, Dr McLaughlin graduated in 1997. He then spent five years in an orthopedic surgery residency at the prestigious Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA, graduating in 2002.

Dr. McLaughlin’s training was completed with a one-year sports medicine fellowship in Jackson, Mississippi with world renowned surgeons Dr. Felix "Buddy" Savoie and Dr. Larry Field.

Dr. McLaughlin has been an associate master instructor for the Arthroscopy Association of North America. He has taught courses on arthroscopy to other orthopedic surgeons throughout the country and the world. He has hosted arthroscopy courses for orthopedic surgeons from Mexico, Germany, Venezuela and Argentina. In addition, Dr. McLaughlin has hosted multiple groups of visiting orthopedic surgeons from Korea, Japan and China, who have come to observe Dr. McLaughlin performing surgery.

Taking care of injured workers has always been a special interest of Dr. McLaughlin. Over the years, he has treated people with work related injuries at dedicated occupational health centers, and has helped thousands of injured workers return to their jobs. Most workers return to their jobs with conservative care and therapy, but when surgery is necessary Dr. McLaughlin offers a full spectrum of surgical solutions. Injured Federal Employees constantly struggle to find good surgeons who will accepted their OWCP injury claim. Most surgeons don’t like and won’t accept OWCP, but Dr. McLaughlin and the Boston federal injury treatment facility understand how to navigate the complicated OWCP system and gladly help injured federal employees in and around Boston and Norwood, MA with their OWCP injury claims.

Surgical innovation has also been one of Dr. McLaughlin’s passions. He is the principal inventor of the Knotilus Anchor System, a knotless surgical anchor designed to treat shoulder instability and rotator cuff tears. He currently holds two United States Patents on his design.

Having spent two years living in Spain, he is fluent in Spanish. In his free time, Dr. McLaughlin enjoys spending time with this family, running, biking, playing golf, and kiteboarding.

The Norwood, MA Federal Injury Center is fully staffed with an MD, Nurse Practitioner, PT, and PT Assistants. This 1st class treatment center is the home office for Federal Injury Centers. The federal treatment staff in Norwood, MA is very welcoming to new and existing federal injured patients and the treatment team is always 1-on-1 with you during your treatment.

The claims acceptance rate in the Norwood federal treatment facility is very nearly 100%. If you’re an injured federal employee from any federal agency, and you live near Norwood, a suburb of Boston, then check out the federal injury treatment facility in our Norwood, MA office.

Norwood, MA