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Miami, Florida

OWCP Injury Doctor in Miami, FL
Dr. Krishma Guliani

The Miami Federal Injury Centers office is a beautiful location with a welcoming reception room whose staff is friendly and trained to help you with your OWCP intake. After intake, you will see the doctor and nurse practitioner who will evaluate your injury, write a narrative to get your OWCP injury claim approved, and then prescribe any needed imaging, therapy, and other treatment, based on your unique OWCP injury needs.

The OWCP therapy room is fully equipped with everything needed to get you stronger and back to work full duty. As a federal employee, you work a tough job that will require you to be at full strength to perform its essential duties. The Miami federal injury treatment facility will work 1-on-1 with you to ensure maximal results in your OWCP injury rehab.

OWCP injury care often includes massage, including myofascial release, deep tissue massage, and joint mobilization, among other techniques, and the Miami federal treatment office includes a state licensed massage therapist to help you when your doctor believes massage is a medically needed component of your federal injury treatment.

In addition to exercises and massage, Dr. Guliani will personally perform your therapy to ensure that your federal injury care is always performed and supervised by a trained and qualified licensed practitioner. Her and her team are extremely enthusiastic about helping injured federal employees in Miami with their OWCP federal workers comp injuries. They understand everything you will need during the course of your OWCP injury care. So, along with first-class treatment, they will help you with your CA-7’s, OWCP-915’s and OWCP-957’s to help you get reimbursed for all of your time, money, and travel related to your federal work injury.

Dr. Guliani, and her Miami federal work injury team are excited to open their new office location specializing in OWCP federal workers comp injuries. They will work tirelessly to get your OWCP injury claim approved, to ensure you are paid for medically needed time off, and to get you better and back to work full duty as soon as medically possible.

If you have been injured working for a federal agency such as the United States Postal Service (USPS), the VA Hospital, TSA, or any other federal agency, including federal law enforcement, and you live in the Miami area, give Dr. Guliani and her staff at the Miami Federal Injury Centers a call today. (786) 786-9598

Ocala, Florida

OWCP Injury Doctor in Ocala, FL
Dr. Preston Bare

Dr. Preston Bare heads up the Federal Injury Centers office in Ocala, FL. He and his team of medical doctor, nurse practitioner and OWCP treatment staff are specially trained to get your Ocala OWCP injury claims approved. Prior to Dr. Bare opening up a federal injury treatment facility in Ocala, injured federal employees were driving an hour or more to find a trained OWCP injury doctor. With the opening of the federal treatment center in Ocala, now federal workers can get OWCP help without needing to spend half of their work shift off the clock and on LWOP.

The OWCP treatment center in Ocala is a beautiful, first-class office fully equipped to help all injured workers with neck, back, shoulder, knee, and other injuries resulting from an on-the-job OWCP claim. Dr. Bare is also trained to perform 6th edition impairment ratings so you can qualify for a schedule award, which is your right in OWCP.

If you have been injured on the job working for any federal agency, including the USPS, VA Hospital, Federal Prison, Federal Cemetery, or at any other federal agency in and around Ocala, Florida, give Dr. Bare a call at the federal treatment facility in Ocala, FL. Federal Injury Centers of Ocala, FL is located at 3256 S. Pine Ave. Suite 301, Ocala, FL 34471 and his office phone number is (352) 369-6325.

Palm Harbor, Florida

OWCP Injury Doctor in Palm Harbor, FL
Dr. Chris Kotwicki

The Palm Harbor, Florida Federal Injury Center is located on Tampa Road in Palm Harbor, FL just 1.5 miles from Curlew Rd in Dunedin, FL. The Palm Harbor federal treatment center is equipped to help injured federal employees with pain-relieving modalities and strengthening exercises designed to get them back to work as quickly as possible.

Dr. Chris is possibly the friendliest and most caring doctor you’ll ever meet, and that attitude is reflected in his staff who will welcome you and help you feel at ease with your federal injury treatment plan. If you have been hurt at work at the post office or at any other federal agency and you live or work near Palm Harbor, FL, give Dr. Chris a call in his Palm Harbor Federal Injury treatment facility.

Pinellas Park, Florida
OWCP Injury Doctor in Pinellas Park, FL
Dr. Kevin Lee

Dr. Kevin Lee and his staff in Pinellas Park, Florida are excited to help federal employees with federal injury treatment that helps people get back to work and make it to retirement. Their treatment facility is fully equipped with pain-relieving modalities, exercise equipment that simulates federal employee jobs, and regenerative medicine to promote the healing of muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Dr. Lee has been the team doctor for the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team and is an avid sports fan (especially hockey). His office in the Pinellas Park Federal Injury Centers office looks like a sports museum. Dr. Lee approaches federal injury treatment with the same passion that he has for his sports teams.

The Pinellas Park, Florida federal injury treatment facility is located just 15 miles south of the Clearwater / Dunedin area and just 7 miles northeast of the Bay Pines VA Hospital. Dr. Lee’s 3,000 square-foot federal treatment center is conveniently located for all injured federal employees in southern Pinellas County.

OWCP Injury Doctor in Pinellas Park, FL
Dr. Andrew Kammerer

Dr. Andrew Kammerer, DC is originally from Indiana where during his college years, he played baseball at Franklin College. Dr. K is an avid sports fan and enjoys following his favorite college and professional teams such as the Indiana Hoosiers, Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, and Cincinnati Reds. Since moving down to Florida, he also enjoys watching the Tampa Bay Lightning and Buccaneers.

When Dr. K is not in the office helping his patients or enjoying a sporting event, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends and spending time outdoors with activities such as hunting and fishing.

Dr. K works primarily in the Pinellas Park, Florida OWCP work injury treatment center. He works directly along side Gulf Coast Rehab’s medical doctor and nurse practitioners to get OWCP injury claims approved in the St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park, FL areas. The professional team at Gulf Coast Rehab / Federal Injury Centers has an OWCP claims acceptance rate that is among the highest in the industry. If you or someone you know was injured working for a federal agency like the USPS, VA, TSA, or any other federal agency, let Dr. Kammerer and the Gulf Coast Rehab and Wellness team help you.

You can reach Dr. K and his team by calling (727) 541-2520 or visiting them at their Pinellas Park, FL OWCP Treatment Center at 6250 Park Blvd N. Pinellas Park, FL 33781.

Land O Lakes, Florida
OWCP Injury Doctor in Land O Lakes, FL
Dr. Michael Summa

Dr. Michael Summa, DC heads up the Land ‘O Lakes, FL Federal Injury Centers office. Located in Pasco County, next to Odessa, Lutz, and New Port Richey, the Land ‘O Lakes federal injury treatment office is able to help injured federal employees from all around Pasco County. Additionally, this federal injury office helps injured federal employees from Hernando County, including Spring Hill, Brooksville, and other surrounding cities.

The Land ‘O Lakes office provides everything an injured federal employee will need to help with an OWCP workers comp injury. They help with filling out CA-7 forms so you can be paid, and they assist with OWCP-915 and OWCP-957 forms to help you get reimbursed for money and mileage used to get help for a work injury.

Nurse Practitioner Max Covert, ARNP and Dr. Marc Barasch, DO at Gulf Coast will write beautiful narrative reports to get your OWCP injury claims approved, and they will accurately fill out your CA-17 Duty Status Reports when you need to be out of work and CA-20 forms when your supervisors request status reports.

Dr. Summa is a great guy to be around. He’s always happy and very friendly. He’s been expertly trained in OWCP and is the perfect doctor to manage your OWCP injury case. Dr. Summa is an avid sports fan. He enjoys his yearly fantasy football league, likes country music, and loves spending time with his wife, Grace.