"Helping Federal Workers Get their Claims Accepted And Return To Work As Soon As Possible"


OWCP in Arizona
Dr. Farid Rooh

Gilbert, Arizona

Dr. Farid Rooh is a graduate from Life Chiropractic College West in California. Over the 27 years in practice, he has helped thousands of patients with all types of health conditions such as Thyroid disorders, Autoimmunity disorders, Diabetes, Hormonal Imbalances, Gut Issues and of course patients with joint pain. He has dedicated his life to bringing the latest approaches to his patients so they can enjoy the quality of life they deserve. As a federal workers comp doctor in Gilbert, AZ, Dr. Rooh specializes in getting OWCP injury claims approved for federal employees who were injured in the course of duty. He’s also the first Federal Injury Centers doctor to be trained in 6th edition impairment ratings so you can file for your schedule awards.

Dr. Rooh has lived in Arizona for over 15 years and loves to travel the world with his wife and two beautiful daughters. He enjoys doing family events from playing soccer, water skiing, snow skiing, hiking, zip lining (easy ones only of course, lol) to hanging out by the beach. Dr. Rooh is also the author of two books and loves to educate his patients about health and alternative ways to get them better without the use of medications if possible.

Dr. Rooh is also the owner of Wellness 1st Integrative Medical Center, Injury Clinics of Arizona and Federal Injury Centers of Arizona. He has been blessed to be able to have such a great variety of fantastic staff to help such a wide variety of patient load that are seeking a better type of health care. Dr. Rooh is very personable and makes himself available to all his patients by providing his cell phone number to all his patients and allowing his patients to text or communicate with him 24 hours a day. Dr. Rooh has also presented over thousand seminars nationally on all types of health care topics and still enjoys educating people even when he is traveling around the world.

If you are a federal employee who has been hurt on the job, give Dr. Rooh’s medical team a call at his federal injury treatment facility in Gilbert, AZ.