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OWCP Injury Doctor in Alabama

Dr. Harper

Birmingham, Besser & Montgomery, Alabama

Dr. Donovan Harper is Federal Injury Centers longest-standing doctor in the Southern portion of the United States. With offices in Birmingham / Bessemer and Montgomery, Alabama, Dr. Harper is able to help injured federal employees in Birmingham, Bessemer, Hoover, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, and all of Central Alabama.

Dr. Harper has been involved in the approved OWCP claims for hundreds of injured federal employees. He’s been able to help injured employees from Alabama post offices, VA hospitals, and a wide range of other federal agencies throughout Alabama. His 3,500 square foot federal injury treatment facility in Bessemer, AL utilizes a wide variety of pain-relieving treatments as well as job-specific exercise treatment protocols to help injured federal employees get back to work full-duty so they can avoid the hassles and hurdles of trying to get paid when they’re off work.

In Montgomery, AL, Dr. Harper and his team which includes a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, physical therapist and PT assistants are prepared to help all injured federal employees in the Montgomery, AL area, including Montgomery postal employees and VA employees who have been hurt at work and are struggling to get their OWCP injury claims approved.

In addition to being a brilliant practitioner, Dr. Harper is an outdoorsman. He is an excellent hunter who uses his brilliant problem-solving skills in a dear stand as well as he does in his office.

If you’re suffering from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, or any other work-related injury or condition and you live in Central Alabama, you need to call Dr. Harper’s federal injury treatment offices in Bessemer and Montgomery, Alabama.

OWCP Injury Doctor in Alabama

Dr. Wade & Dr. Stephens

Anniston, Alabama

Dr. David Wade, DC has an OWCP injury treatment center located in Anniston, AL. Dr. Wade graduated Life University in 1984 and Washington University of Health and Science Medical School in 2018. Dr Wade has been practicing Chiropractic in Calhoun County since 1984. He began helping injured federal employees with OWCP work injuries in 2021. He and his staff are excited to stop the epidemic of denied OWCP injury claims in and around Anniston, Alabama.

Dr. Johnnie Stephens, MD has over 50 years of Family and Occupational Medical experience. Dr. Stephens graduated from the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) in 1970 and has dedicated his career to helping sick and injured patients. Today, he is the Medical Director at the Anniston federal injury treatment clinic helping injured federal employees get their OWCP claims approved so they can get better and back to work full duty.

Dr. Wade and Dr. Stephens are located at 3001 McLellan Blvd. Anniston, AL 36201. The OWCP treatment facility can be reached at (256) 237-9423. Call today if you’re an injured federal employee in Anniston, AL who needs help with an Alabama OWCP injury claim.