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Wednesday Night OWCP Chats with Chris & Gini: Live OWCP Training for Federal Employees

The pain of the system should not be worse than the injury itself.

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We host Wednesday Night OWCP Chats Wednesdays at 8pm est. The purpose is to teach federal employees how to avoid the pitfalls of a complicated system, and win in OWCP by teaching about topics such as:

  • How to File OWCP Claims
  • How to Get Paid using CA7's
  • Continuation of Pay (COP)
  • Schedule Award Impairment Ratings
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Injured Federal Employees
  • Supervisor Responsibilities in OWCP
  • Union Involvement Regarding OWCP
  • Specific Laws Affecting Injured Federal Employees in OWCP
  • Timeframes in Filing OWCP Injury Claims
  • Differences Between CA1 and CA2 Injury Claims
  • How to Get OWCP Injury Claims Accepted by DOL

Through interacting with federal employees on a regular basis, we're finding that too many people don't know enough, if anything, about OWCP. We're helping our federal friends navigate this painful and complicated system.

And, we're having fun. We love our federal friends - seriously we do. So many people are hurt at work and then hurt by the system, by management, and by a complete misunderstanding of their rights and responsibilities. We're trying to put a stop to the pain of the process.

So, check us out on Wednesday Night OWCP Chats. 8pm EST Wednesday Nights. Click the link above for an example of our weekly OWCP chats. We're looking forward to seeing you there.

OWCP Education Disclaimer: You do not have to go to a Federal Injury Centers office as a patient to receive education on Wednesday Night OWCP Chats, or for us to provide live trainings for your unions. We respect your right to choose your doctor, even when it’s not us.