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Doctor Who Specializes in DOL Federal Workers Comp According to Federal Guidelines in Florida That Will Get Your OWCP Claim Accepted

The #2 problem injured federal employees have in getting their OWCP injury claims accepted is not being able to find a doctor. That’s the reason for the title of this article.

In the past 3 years, I’ve been all over Florida talking to federal employees from organizations like the NALC, NRLCA, and AFGE. I’ve talked to letter carriers and clerks and mail handlers and rural carriers, social security employees, TSA employees, and VA employees in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Clearwater, and Fort Myers. They’re all struggling with finding a doctor who will take on their OWCP injury claims.

And pay close attention here: MOST DOCTORS WILL NOT GET YOUR OWCP INJURY CLAIM ACCEPTED, even if they say they will take on your case. And as long as you follow all of the very simple steps on the CA10, “What a Federal Employee Should Do When Injured at Work,” the ONLY reason that your case will get denied is if you go to a doctor who doesn’t know how to get your claim approved. In my opinion, 99% of the time OWCP denials are the doctor’s fault.

Every year, just 3% of federal employees have accepted OWCP work injury claims. If doctors knew how to get claims accepted, don’t you think the claims acceptance rate would be much higher? Look around you the next time you’re at work. Aren’t more than 3% of your coworkers struggling with some work-related condition? Of course they are! We hear it all the time.

So, in Florida, here’s what happens when someone gets injured with an OWCP federal workers comp injury:

  1. They are told to find a doctor on ACS. Good luck with that. Most of those offices don’t even know they’re listed there and most of them don’t want OWCP injuries.
  2. Some doctors have gotten into OWCP in Florida recently that didn’t spend the time learning a system that gets claims accepted. Be careful. Denied claims are a serious problem and denials are the doctor’s fault.
  3. The very small number of doctors who actually know how to get OWCP injury claims accepted in Florida aren’t doing a good enough job letting you know where they are. So, we’re doing that for you right here. WE GET OWCP INJURY CLAIMS ACCEPTED.
  4. Too many injured federal employees are being told to go to the urgent care or the ER. Your odds of getting an accepted claim after going to these places is terribly low. The effort that it takes for a doctor who specializes in DOL federal workers comp according to federal guidelines to write a winning report takes time – time than an ER or urgent care doctor simply doesn’t have.

When you’re in Florida with an OWCP workers comp injury, the best way to find a doctor who wants to help you and knows how to get your injury claim accepted is to go to Google and search something like, “Doctors who specialize in DOL federal workers comp according to federal guidelines”. Any doctors who want to help you with an OWCP injury claim will make themselves able to be found with simple Google searches like these. That should take the pain out of the search process.

We want to see your OWCP injury claims get accepted. That 3% acceptance rate, THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE DENIED OWCP CLAIMS, is not fair and we can do something about that. If you’re in the Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Pete areas, please call us. Let us help you. And this last part is very important:

We do not take your money – ever. Nobody at Federal Injury Centers will ever ask you for cash, credit card, or even to see your personal insurance card. And we don’t give or accept kickbacks, period. So, no money out of your pocket, no kickbacks, and no more denials. Let us help you get your Florida OWCP Injury Claim accepted.