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Worker Compensation Laws

Federal workers compensation laws are in place to ensure that when you get injured on the job (whether it happens now or over time, as with a repetitive strain injury), you get the care and protection you deserve. These laws dictate several benefits, and two of the biggest ones that work in your favor are your medical treatments being covered and your right to choose your own medical practitioner.

Workers Comp Laws

If your rehabilitation requires diagnoses, devices (such as a brace, for instance), medications, and other treatments, these are all covered under federal workers compensation laws. While some practices ask you to pay for these out of pocket, you shouldn’t have to.

At Federal Injury Centers, we never require our patients to pay fees or up-front charges. This is all covered under FECA (Federal Employees Compensation Act) and should be paid for by the Office of Workers' Compensation Program (OWCP).

Our clinics are staffed by knowledgeable, caring doctors and support personnel who are proficient with OWCP laws and best practices. We are here to help you recover quickly while offering aid in filing your workers comp claim.

FECA Laws Protect Federal Workers

The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) ensures that federal workers are not left without wages if they have been injured on the job. It mandates that all necessary medical care, supplies, and treatments are covered by the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) under the Department of Labor (DOL). FECA also ensures that workers receive at least two-thirds of their wages from before the injury (more if you have dependents or have suffered a traumatic injury). These benefits are also guaranteed to last the length of the disability.


FECA laws protect federal workers by prioritizing their medical care and rehabilitation to get employees back to work and earning their full wage again. Another benefit is that you get to choose your medical provider and not have to be stuck with your manager's assigned doctor.

If your injury has rendered you unable to perform your prior job duties, vocational rehabilitation and job placement to a new position are also available through the OWCP.

Under FECA, if you can return to your previous position, your employer is obligated to treat you as if you never left regarding your length of employment time and benefits with them (the clock never stops, so to speak).

In the rare and devastating instance of a federal worker passing away from an injury or disease relating to their work duties, their survivors will receive set benefits in the wake of the tragedy.

The laws that protect federal workers are very clear in their stipulations of benefits. What is less black and white is the red tape that needs to be handled to successfully file a claim and receive the benefits you are owed. That is why our administrators are specialists in the claims process, and we offer support services (free of charge) to all of our patients, start to finish.

If you have questions about the workers compensation laws, call us at (888) 878-OWCP and consult with an OWCP specialist today.