"Helping Federal Workers Get their Claims Accepted And Return To Work As Soon As Possible"

Federal Employees

We treat federal employees who have been hurt on the job and help them to recover quickly while smoothing out the OWCP claim process with our free claims assistance service. When you’ve suffered a work-related injury, it is vital that you see a FIC Trained Federal Work Injury Doctor who is intimately familiar with the procedures and requirements from the OWCP in order to help your FECA claim get approved with no delays or denials.

Federal Employees Injured on the Job

At Federal Injury Centers, our doctors specialize in treating federal employees from all types of diseases and injuries, including:

  • Neck or back pain
  • Hand or wrist pain
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Knee pain
  • Foot or ankle pain
  • And more

However severe your injury is, our doctors can help you. With the latest in equipment, training, and treatments, the FIC Trained Federal Work Injury Doctors at Federal Injury Centers use a multidisciplinary approach to treat each patient’s individual needs and help them get out of pain and back to normal.

Federal Employees Injured on the Job

Within the Department of Labor (DOL) there is the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) who oversee and administrate the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act, the law offering workers compensation benefits such as medical care and disability to all civil federal employees. The OWCP is responsible for quickly reviewing, processing, and paying out approved claims under FECA to ensure federal employees injured on the job get the benefits they are owed according to the law.

These laws protect all civil federal employees and officers, including those employed by:

  • Postal Employees (USPS)
  • TSA Employees
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Department of Defense (DOD)
  • Veterans Affairs (VA)
  • Immigration & Customs (ICE)
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)
  • Border Protection Agency

This also extends to volunteers of certain organizations as well as members of the AFGE union. If you aren’t sure whether or not you are covered by FECA and the OWCP, call our offices and speak to an OWCP expert for guidance.

Getting the Benefits You Deserve

Getting The Benefits You Deserve

You probably already know that you are entitled to a portion, or possibly all, of your lost wages, as well as your medical expenses as an injured federal worker. Did you know that you also have the right to choose your medical provider? There was a time when workers had to see the doctor chosen and provided by their employer, and these doctors didn’t always have their patients’ best interests at heart.

In the 1970s, an addendum to FECA allowed federal employees to choose who they would see for their medical care. This gives you the power to select a practitioner who knows the OWCP laws inside and out and has a successful track record of helping patients recover and get their claims approved quickly and painlessly.

At Federal Injury Centers, helping feds is all we do. Each and every one of our staff is trained specifically on what they need to know to make your claims process a breeze - from clearly connecting the patients’ injuries to their work duties to the ins and outs of each form required by the OWCP. You’re not in this alone. Our teams are here to help you get the benefits you deserve, and it doesn’t have to be that hard.

We help federal employees who have been injured on the job to recover faster. Call us at (888) 878-OWCP to speak to an OWCP expert about your care today.