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Common Pitfalls With Filing OWCP Work Injury Claims and CA2 Injury Claims

I recently attended a union meeting where I spoke about some common pitfalls associated with filing OWCP claims along with several reasons why folks aren’t filing CA-2 injuries. We love talking to federal employees about OWCP workers comp issues. Teaching you about this complicated system will go along way towards helping more federal employees get their OWCP work injury claims accepted by the Department of Labor.

When it comes to filing a CA-2 injury, the most common mistake is not telling your supervisor you have been experiencing a problem until the very moment you submit your forms or ask to file. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or have a diagnosed condition that is becoming worse, then you need to say something NOW. If you don’t, they may very well challenge your claim.

So, always remember to communicate these problems with your supervisors, even if you’re not filing an OWCP work injury claim yet. Problems with filing OWCP work injury claims can be avoided by telling your supervisor what’s going on when you first notice a problem. This doesn’t mean that each time your back hurts you need to file a claim, but if you are making management aware you are experiencing an issue, then when it comes time to file, they will be well aware and will now be able to help you, instead of work against you.

Communication about OWCP injuries can make the process easier for you, especially as it relates to CA-2 work injury claims. Federal Injury Centers has doctors who specialize in DOL federal workers comp according to federal guidelines in the following locations: Quincy, MA, Norwood, MA, Dallas, TX, Montgomery, AL, and Birmingham, AL and Clearwater, FL are coming soon. So, if you’re in these areas and you’d like us to come speak to your unions to help you better understand the complicated OWCP system, please contact us and let us know.