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ACS for Doctors Who Treat OWCP Federal Workers Comp Injuries According to Federal Guidelines in McKinney, TX

Injured Federal Employees are being told to search ACS to find a doctor who can help them with their OWCP / DOL federal workers comp injury.

Every time I talk to anyone who was told to check ACS, they tell me what a frustrating task that was. If you ever get to the page that actually shows the doctors who claim to accept OWCP, you have to call several of them on the list to eventually find out that some of them don’t know what OWCP is, and most of the rest of them aren’t willing to take new patients with OWCP. Many injured federal employees report calling 6 or more doctors and getting rejected each time.

So, why are federal employees told to check ACS in the first place? Well, it’s easier for whoever the injured person is talking to. Telling people to go to ACS is technically correct, but it’s the wrong thing to do if you’re in a position to make recommendations for good, quality work injury doctors, and telling people to check ACS is easy, although incorrect.

Another reason people in leadership positions defer to ACS is because they are scared to make referrals to doctors who actually are willing and trained in OWCP. These people are scared of making bad decisions, so they defer to ACS, which is a bad decision in and of itself.

Some people are fearful of being associated with “bad” doctors who get themselves in trouble with the federal government. We certainly understand that. This is a sad reality for too many federal employees. Federal employees feel like they have to look over their shoulders when they go to certain “bad” doctors. We hate this and our patients never have these worries. And by the way, these “bad” doctors are listed on ACS as well, but once you go to them, it’s too late. You’re there already.

ACS has some good, willing, trained doctors listed. They’re just hard to find because you have to call so many of them to find the good ones. Federal Injury Centers doctors are listed there. We just don’t want you to go there to find us. It’s too much trouble and federal employees have enough hassles to deal with when they’re hurt at work. You don’t need this hassle too.

So, one of our offices is in McKinney, TX, which is located in Collin County, Texas. Some towns that surround McKinney are Allen, Plano, Frisco, Princeton, Rockwall, Melissa, Celina, Dallas, along with several other smaller towns. We are here to help you when you’re injured working for a federal agency like the United States Postal Service (USPS), VA, TSA, FBI, ICE, SSA, and other federal agencies. Don’t search ACS when you need a doctors who specializes in DOL federal workers comp according to federal guidelines. Call Federal Injury Centers instead. We will get your valid OWCP injury claims accepted and we’ll help you get better and back to work helping this country go.

Federal Injury Centers is with you. Give us a call.