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Schedule a Free Consultation DON'T LOSE YOUR BENEFITS!
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Schedule a Free Consultation DON'T LOSE YOUR BENEFITS!
Talk to an OWCP Expert Today!
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Welcome to Federal Injury Centers

Our purpose is to give injured federal workers access to good doctors who know how to help them and who know how to get their injury claims accepted. We ensure that all treatment is medically indicated, all rules and laws are followed, and all patients are treated with respect and dignity. Our federal workforce deserves the highest level of care and we are committed to delivering this to each and every patient we serve.

To learn more about how we can help you get your work OWCP claim accepted and prompt treatment for your injury, give us a call today at (877) 787-6927 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Treating Injured Federal Employees
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Federal Workers Compensation

Workers' Compensation Doctors

Workers' Compensation Doctors

Comprehensive Care for Injured Federal Workers

If you've been injured working for the federal government you have the right to choose your doctor. Choose a doctor that is experienced in handling DOL-OWCP injury claims and provides comprehensive care for your federal workers' compensation injury. Call the Federal Injury Centers today at (877) 787-6927 to see why we're the preferred clinic for injured feds.

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Stop Losing Your Benefits

Stop Losing Your Benefits!

Get The Benefits You Deserve

If you've been treated with another doctor, it's very likely that you've been forced to pay money out of your own pocket for copays and deductibles on things like doctor's visits, MRI's, and medications. You've probably even had to take time off of work using your own sick and annual leave. When you choose Federal Injury Centers, we know how to get your OWCP work injury claim accepted and how to help you get all of your time and money back. Don't lose your benefits, call us today at (877) 787-6927!

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OWCP Injury Claim Experts

OWCP Injury Claim Experts

Free Claims Assistance and Case Management

Our team of healthcare providers and front office staff are well versed in OWCP claims and offer free claims assistance to help injured federal employees recieve the federal workers' compensation benefits afforded to them by the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA). Call us today at (877) 787-6927 to schedule your free consultation and meet with your FIC Trained Case Manager for expert claims assistance.

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